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New single “Let it Flow” out to Radio today!

New single “Let it Flow” out to Radio today! Call your local Christian station and request it!! Thanks Guys!

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Good Thoughts

Mar 16 , 2016 | Posted by: Pg | 0 Comments

Here’s a little excerpt from my new book: “Rooster call- rising up to be God’s man” Coming soon.

In our effort to rightfully elevate and esteem women to a place of dignity over the last 30 years, something horrible has happened by those looking to exploit this consideration. While making great strides for the rights of our female counterparts, the pendulum has unexpectedly swung way over to the other side, with the result that true manhood has been lost and is virtually becoming extinct!  Authentic masculinity has been degraded and devalued to a point it is regarded as the problem for what is wrong in society today. And this message that was once subliminal and covert is unabashedly proclaimed now to where it is even dangerous to be a man, leaving men inhibited, confused and guilty about who they are and who they are to become. This is especially true for young men.

Yet manliness and masculinity are virtues found in Jesus and extoled about him in Scripture. More importantly it is a beautiful attribute, something to be desired. God made masculinity just as he made femininity. And God needs masculinity, strength, and the adventurous spirit of a man to further His Kingdom in a world where there is fierce opposition against it. God came into this world as a man and chose twelve men to continue His mission. Women, of course, are just as necessary in furthering the Kingdom but in a different way. No matter how you feel or no matter what society says or tries to say, men are extremely important to our existence and good men to society’s well-being! I hope you’ll come along and awake from the influence of the world’s intention to devalue and debase men and realize the great privilege we have to rise up to be God’s Man.

- Peace Out,Paul

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A New jersey native, Paul grew up on Springsteen and Bon jovi where the performance bar was quite high if you were to enter the music scene. Taking the challenge, he developed his stage presence and songwriting skills in the clubs, colleges, and coffee houses around the NY/NJ area. However, as a minister’s son and brought up in a conservative Christian home, the support for a career in Pop music was less than enthusiastic and, sensing a call to ministry, entered Seminary . It was here he got a vision for passionately delivering relevant Bible teaching in a pop/rock concert setting. After graduating with an MDiv in 2001, and a few years in the pastorate, he took the leap moving to Nashville, TN to make it happen. Recording with Christian music industry’s top producers & musicians Paul’s music has been heard across the globe on radio, along with his ministry materials, song devotionals, and blogs. He continues to ignite and inspire his audiences toward a closer walk with Jesus, wrapping evangelical teaching & worship around cutting edge Pop music.