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The Roo-Rooster Radio Eye Opening Christian music


Discover a new kind of Christian music radio….. that’s eye opening!

We’ve busted out of the typical approach to Christian radio and gone rouge. Our blend of pop & rock music is designed to help our listener break out of the  predictability often associated with commercial Christian radio to see a bigger God and experience a deeper spirituality. And we try to keep the guys tuned in, as well as well as the girls!


​You’ll hear more than the same 10 songs on ‘the Roo’ as we play a wider mix of Christian artists as well as artists in the mainstream who are Christians, like Mumford & Son, OneRebublic, Daughtry, U2, Natasha Bedingfield, Evanescence, Carrie Underwood & more.  In addition we’ve added some Classic rock and songs from the 90’s-2000’s from the likes of Tom Petty, Journey, Coldplay, Paramour, Creed, Edwin McCain, Lenny Kravitz, 6th  Pence none the richer to name a few. If the song is positive, promoting good virtues and has even the simplest spiritual inference, we play it!  You’ll be surprised.  

And we go beyond just music as you’ll also hear short inspirational talks and bible teaching from many renown speakers, plus Sport shorts, comedy, movie reviews, and more. All designed to invigorate and inspire you live the glorious, fulfilling life of knowing God & get closer to him through his son Jesus Christ. The new day of Christian music radio has dawned with the Roo - Rooster Radio, inspiring  you to rise up and really Live.

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