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Most Christian music radio is geared toward “soccer moms”. Its true! Christian music stations program their stations and marketing toward the emotional needs of “Becky”, a fictitious character who represents their audience - a middle aged mom with a couple of kids in the back seat driving to the soccer game.  That’s why you’ll often hear “it’s safe for the whole family” on these stations. And it’s great that they are being reached! But what about guys? What can they listen to? Because they don’t tune in. And what about those who don’t fit into or want to break out of the “soccer mom” mold?

Enter “the  Roo” - Rooster Radio…a Bro-friendly Christian music radio station!  We’ve gone rogue and created a different kind of music station that’s spiritual but a little on the edge. Our blend of rock & pop music with a dash of country thrown in, is designed to help our listener break out of the safe, predictable box that the Christian music industry has created, to see a bigger God, and experience a deeper spirituality.

The music played is by artists on both Christian labels and non-Christian, or “secular” labels, from both the past and present, artists like  Bob Dylan, Larry Norman, Kieth Green, Blind Faith, & Kansas, to U2, Lifehouse, Evanescence, Paper Route, Colony House, Switchfoot, TobyMac, Zach Williams, Carrie Underwood, Tim Mcgraw, & many more..If the message of the song inspires one to understand God better through the grace, hope, and freedom of Jesus Christ, we play it!  You’ll also hear short spiritual talks, comedy spots, and brief athletic commentaries to invigorate and excite the heart to live the adventure of life of walking with God. Get in on the new day of radio with the Roo - Rooster Radio, helping you rise up to all you’re meant to be!

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