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Manhood is under severe attack in our society! In an effort to rightly elevate & esteem women over the last few decades, some have exploited this movement using it rather to degrade & condemn men and masculinity. It is now seen as the problem in our society. The American Psychological Association (APA) recently declared traditional masculinity as " harmful, toxic and a mental disorder". This growing disdain toward natural male instincts is alarming, as men, esp. young men, are taught to be ashamed of who they are and become more feminine.   
Yet God created men & masculinity, as it a part of his image in which we were created. Manliness is a trait that’s highly valued to fight against evil and fulfill God's purposes here on earth. It helped accomplish our redemption! Rooster call celebrates manhood & helps guys recover their dignity and honor through pursuing & reclaiming our role as spiritual leaders as they put their life in God's hands.
Like a rooster who guards and protects his roost, speaks to open eyes and declare light has come, we too are to protect, stand up for what’s right, and speak God’s truth to those we are responsible for, and under our sphere of influence.
Using the A.R.I.S.E system of Rooster Call: A-After God’s heart, R-Read & study, I-Instruct, S-Strength, and E-Exhibit love, will give you a clear and easily understood path to become an effective and powerful spiritual leader. Which will result in bringing blessing to our families, churches, and our world, as well as help men feel good about themselves again.
Recent Review from Pastor Tim Reynolds, Mt. Vernon Baptist Temple Waltonville Community Church:
I met Paul during an interview on Christian radio and he gave me a copy of his book, “Rooster Call”. It was an instant read for me and had so many relevant topics for men that I shared a copy with my dad, brothers, and sons.
Paul also came to speak at the monthly men’s prayer breakfast at our church and was very well received with his combination of musical and speaking ability.
I would recommend Paul’s book as a must-read for every man and encourage pastors and youth leaders to invite Paul to your church to speak to men about things in our culture that are challenging manhood today. You won’t be disappointed!

If, after reading about Rooster Call Men's Ministries, you agree and believe in this ministry, then we humbly ask that you ask the Lord what He would have you give, so that we can share this message to many!

Thank you for your loving support of Rooster Call Men's Ministries a part of Roo Radio a registered nonprofit religious organization spreading Christ's love to all!

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