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A New jersey native, Paul grew up on Springsteen and Bon Jovi where the performance bar was quite high if you were to enter the music scene. Taking the challenge, he developed his stage presence and songwriting skills in the clubs, colleges, and coffee houses around the NY/NJ area.

However, as a minister’s son and brought up in a conservative Christian home, the support for a career in Pop music was less than enthusiastic and, sensing a call to ministry, entered Seminary. It was here he got a vision for passionately delivering the Gospel in a pop/rock concert setting. After graduating with an MDiv in 2001, and a few years in the pastorate, he took the leap moving to Nashville, TN to make it happen.

 Over the years he has recorded with Christian music's top producers & musicians as his songs have been heard across the globe on radio.  He was awarded the International AC songwriting winner title by "the Fish"/ Salem Radio Network.    Along with ministry materials, song devotionals, and online radio station, He & his Band Rooster Call, continue to ignite and inspire their audiences toward a clearer understanding of what faith in God through Christ means through the Roo Radio ministry.

Roo Radio is a registered nonprofit religious organization.


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